Welcome to Mito Church of Christ 水戸キリストの教会



「水戸キリストの教会へようこそ」 教会紹介ビデオ

4-minute Mito Church Introduction Video




10/20(金) 夜7:00から。カフェナイト行います。

Time: 7:00pm~9:30pm

場所: 水戸キリストの教会  Place: Mito Church of Christ






主日礼拝 毎日曜日 午前10時30分~
教会学校(成人)聖書クラス 毎日曜日 午前9時30分~10時20分
バイブルアドベンチャータイム(子供聖書クラス) 午前10時30分~









Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20





Our church community is a diverse group of people. We are a gathering of children, young adults, and adults of all ages. We are people from all walks of life and we come from several countries. We try to be a warm, loving family of people who invite everyone to join our times of joyful fellowship.





We believe that through seeking God's truth and obeying his words we will be transformed, so we try to seek him constantly through our times of worship, study, and service. We want to place him at the center of our lives. We welcome anyone to join us on this journey of growth and transformation.





We are continually searching for ways to pass our faith to the next generation of disciples. Through our karate ministry and Sunday morning children's class, we are trying to reach out and build connections with children and youth. And in the rest of our ministries, like our Cambodia mission trips, we are trying to open spaces where people from different generations can serve together, build relationships and get practical ministry experience.





In addition to our ministries that reach out to Cambodia and Tohoku, Mito Church has several opportunities to serve our local community, like a homeless outreach ministry, Japanese classes and English classes. We welcome anyone to find a place among us to use their unique talents to serve God and bless others.


水戸キリストの教会基本情報 Mito Church of Christ Basic Information

住所 〒310-0851 茨城県水戸市大町1-2-35


Address 1-2-35 Omachi, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan 310-0851
TEL/FAX 029-231-1669
礼拝時間 午前10:30~午後12:00
アクセス JR水戸駅北口徒歩6分


Access 6 minute walking from North Exit of JR Mito Station